Valid thru: 1.9.-31.10.2021

Published on 01.09.2021 13:21

Changes in the Parainen-Nauvo route's autumn schedule.

A 02:00 AM departure from Pargas and a 02:15 AM departure from Nauvo have been added to the schedule.

The below night departures need to be ordered.
Parainen-Nauvo: 0:00, 01:00, 02:00, 03:00 and 04:00
Nauvo-Parainen: 0:35, 01:15, 02:15, 03:15 and 04:15

The reservations can be made by calling 040 662 1320. Departure from Parainen if the vehicle is at the quay at least 5 minutes before departure. Departure from Nauvo must be ordered at least 20 minutes before departure. Reservations can also be made by sms.

Please note that the changes in the night departures are not shown in the printed version of the schedule.