Concrete development for Finferries with customer survey

Kirjoitettu 11.07.2014

Finferries operates both commuter vessels and ferries on over 40 routes all around Finland. Over 10 million passengers travel by water throughout the year, and summer is the high season for Finnferries.
Last year, Finferries conducted a customer satisfaction survey on all its routes in cooperation with Innolink Research Oy. The feedback received gave rise to both a website renovation and expediting the publication of traffic news. One of the biggest requests was map services, which have been available on the newly renovated webpages since last summer. These map services will allow for the easy search of routes whether travelling in Finnish Lakeland or the coastal areas. Finferries also renewed its system for publishing traffic news so that updates on unusual circumstances will be distributed in real-time as soon as possible.
“This customer survey provided us with clear indicators to guide us in developing our operations. It was also amazing to discover that through the customer survey, our staff received a great deal of positive feedback and clear evidence that their work is appreciated all throughout Finland. We would like to warmly thank all those who took the survey,” says Finferries Communications Manager Jutta Valkeinen.
“It’s wonderful that Finferries scored well in factors which the respondents felt to be the most important. The feeling of safety en route and feeling that you can trust the crew especially ranked high amongst those factors. Furthermore, the passengers gave an average score of 8.4 (on a scale of 1 to 10), which says that you can trust Finnferries,” assesses Katja Rantakeisu, Research Manager of Innolink Research Oy.
Further information: Communications Manager Jutta Valkeinen,, tel. +358 400 406 614