Ferry traffic

Finferries manages ferry transport in Finland at 50 ferry locations. The maintained routes range from small, sheltered strait crossings to demanding sea travel: the shortest ferry trip is between the Kivimo Islands in Houtskär at 169 meters and the maximum route takes about 4,5 hours with m/s Utö.

Cable ferries

The majority of our ferry service is conducted with cable ferries, in which a cable is attached from one side of the shore to another. Cable ferries are of various sizes - the smallest can accommodate eight cars on its deck and the largest more than 50 cars. An expert navigates the cable ferries, who is responsible for driving and docking them in calm waters, as well as when currents, wind or ice hamper traffic.


Ferry-boats are freely navigating passenger vessels operating under the control of a 2-4 person crew under maritime law. The captain is responsible for both the direction as well as speed. The largest ferry boats carry approximately 90 cars at once.

Commuter ferries

Commuter ferries navigate all around the archipelago under the control of a 2 person crew. Our biggest commuter ferry can transport up to 13 cars and the smallest one carries 2 cars.

Cooperation in environmental protection

We operate in the middle of a sensitive natural area and we want to take care of our common environment. We are working all the time to be more economical and navigate less strenuously, at the same time we will use as clean fuels as possible and minimise noise and emissions. The best results come, however, only when we all work together - so turn off the engine while waiting for the ferry and use the trash baskets on the shore.