Traffic news


Valid thru: 24.7.-25.7.2024

Published on 19.07.2024 11:35

Due to asphalt work, there may be disturbances in traffic on the Vartsala route on Wednesday 24.7.2024 and Thursday 25.7.2024.


Valid thru: 19.7.2024 18-22

Published on 16.07.2024 11:38

Updated 16.7.2024

There will be a traffic stop on the route on Friday 19.7.2024 between 6 pm and 10 pm due to repairs to ground supports.


Valid thru: 16.7.-19.7.2024

Published on 12.07.2024 13:13

Updated 16.7.2024

Due to maintenance days of the ferry Meriluoto, Replot 2 will operate as an additional ferry on the route from Tuesday 16.7. to Friday 19.7.2024. The additional ferry starts and ends the day's turns as scheduled. The turns are operated as non-stop traffic.

Houtskari route - Finnö

Valid thru: 22.7.-23.7.2024

Published on 10.07.2024 15:59

Due to the visits of the Tall Ships Races vessels in Näsby, Finnö will not operate to the Näsby commuter ferry pier on 22.7.2024 and 23.7.2024. Finnö will remain at Roslax's commuter ferry pier during scheduled visits to Näsby.

Traffic on the Archipelago Road

Valid thru: 5.7.-31.7.2024

Published on 05.07.2024 16:04

We ask passengers travelling on the Archipelago Road to reserve extra time due to congestion caused by the construction work on the Kirjalansalmi bridge.

We recommend travelling outside the break times of ferries operating on the Archipelago Road and, if possible, taking an earlier ferry departure just in case.

Ferries may occasionally run non-stop traffic if there are many cars waiting on the ferry quays. 

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