Finferries modernises the commuter ferry fleet in the Turku archipelago

Kirjoitettu 24.03.2023

Finferries’ newbuilding, the commuter ferry Innamo, was christened in Turku, Finland, on Friday 24 March 2023. The traditional christening duty was carried out by the ship’s godmother Tuovi Päiviö, Director of Transport and Infrastructure at the Southwest Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

“It was a great honour to have Tuovi Päiviö, representing our largest client, christen our commuter ferry Innamo in keeping with tradition,” says Finferries’ CEO Mats Rosin. About the new commuter ferry, Rosin says, “The vessel’s main engine together with a catalytic converter that utilises urea meet the Tier III emission requirements set by the IMO and significantly reduce the vessel’s nitrogen emissions.”

The contract to build the new commuter ferry was concluded with Oy HL-Metal Ab shipyard, which operates in Pargas. HL-Metal carried out the finishing work on the ferry in co-operation with the Oy RMR Merirakenne shipyard in Turku.

Over the years, Finferries has focused on developing and modernising its commuter ferry operations with safety and the environment in mind. The oil recovery and commuter vessel Otava began operating on the Kotka–Pyhtää route in 2014. Otava was built to withstand demanding archipelago conditions in the southeastern archipelago of Finland.

Finferries is pleased to introduce a new ferry to serve commuters of the island communities. Commuter ferry traffic was in need of an update, since before Innamo and Otava, the last new vessel entered into service roughly 30 years ago.

The commuter ferry Innamo is 29.44 metres long and 7.8 metres wide, has a draught of 2.2 metres deep and a deadweight of 25 tonnes. The ferry can accommodate 8 cars, and its maximum permitted number of passengers is 99. There is room for 50 people in the passenger lounge area.

Innamo will begin operating along the Nauvo Northern route in the Turku archipelago in May 2023.