Finferries’ new vessel to be christened ‘Altera’

Published on 03.09.2021

Finferries’ new electrically powered hybrid ferry, which is currently under construction, will be christened ‘Altera’.

Altera means proud, excellent and one of a pair, which is apt since Altera will be operating alongside Elektra in the Turku archipelago on the Parainen–Nauvo route. We are proud of Elektra’s technology and are thrilled to welcome another eco-friendly electrically powered ferry to Parainen,” says Mats Rosin, CEO of Suomen Lauttaliikenne Group.

Elektra was the inspiration for the Altera project and the new ferry will also primarily operate using battery packs that are charged using shore power. Alongside the batteries, the vessel will use back-up diesel generators. Elektra and Altera both have the same passenger and vehicle capacity. Altera fits 92 passenger cars and a maximum of 375 passengers.

Altera will begin operating along the Parainen–Nauvo route by 1 January 2023, but most likely already in 2022.

Suomen Lauttaliikenne Group, which operates under the trade name Finferries, is a state-owned operator of both commuter ferries and road ferries. Each year, more than 4 million vehicles and 10 million passengers travel on Finferries’ vessels, which are operated by more than 300 top professionals, along 42 routes across Finland.
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