Work on our cable ferries

We operate more than 30 ferry routes in the regions of the Archipelago (Meri-Suomi) and Lake Finland.

How to become a ferry driver?

You must be 18 years old

The job of a ferry driver does not require seafaring training or previous maritime experience, but these can be considered an advantage.

You need a ferry driver's certificate to drive the cable ferry.

You can complete the free ferry driver training with us, after which you have the opportunity to work as a ferry driver on our company's cable ferries.

As a ferry driver, you must also have the following qualifications and certificates:

  • Medical certificate of suitability as a ferry driver (less than 3 years old)
  • At least VHF certificate of competence in maritime radio traffic, subject to a fee qualification arranged by Traficom
  • A valid emergency first aid certificate or EA1 first aid card (less than 3 years old)
  • Road Safety 1 certificate

Our self-developed ferry driver training based on regulatory requirements includes teaching material, an exam, an orientation phase, advanced refresher training and a simulator exercise in our own simulator.

At the end of the training, you will get a paid internship on our cable ferries. Training on the cable ferry lasts from about two weeks to a month. If you already have a medical certificate, you can start your internship even before you have received other qualifications and certificates.

Additional information of the position

If you need more information about the work of a cable ferry driver, please contact us – we will be happy to tell you more and answer your questions.

Meri-Suomi Traffic Manager Lari Lapintie, lari.lapintie(at)
Lake Finland Traffic Manager Niko Saarinen, niko.saarinen(at)

The ferry driver job

The work of a ferry driver involves more than just driving a ferry: for example, minor maintenance work and property maintenance. In your versatile work, you have a fine landscape office where you can watch the changing seasons from a front-row seat.

Ferry drivers are required to have a good ability to absorb new things. You will become familiar with ferry technology at work.

The salary of ferry drivers is based on a generally applicable collective agreement concerning ferries. The salary consists of a basic salary and, among other things, shift allowances.

The work of a ferry driver is either two- or three-shift.

We expect you to make a strong commitment to safety issues. We value responsibility, flexibility, initiative, service-mindedness and good cooperation skills.

Finferries in brief

Maintaining functional transport connections in the land of thousands of lakes and islands requires ferries, commuter ferries and cable ferries. Every year, the vessels of the Suomen Lauttaliikenne Group transport millions of vehicles and passengers on environmental terms, on a total of 50 routes, with more than 300 professionals.

In other words, we offer socially significant positions in a customer-oriented shipping company. We are a reliable, secure and fair employer that also enables long careers. We offer good employee benefits, an encouraging and communal work community, a pleasant working environment and comprehensive occupational health care. Our working languages are Finnish and Swedish.

We are also a forerunner in the electrification of vessels in Finland and work with developing technology to improve safety and the environment. What water separates, Finferries combines – responsibly and with care for the environment.

Welcome to work with us!