Work on our commuter ferries

Finferries offers vital transport connections all year round for those living and working in the archipelago. We also serve summer cottage owners and tourists.

Do you want to work on our commuter ferries?

As a rule, two people work on our commuter ferries: the Master/Chief engineer and the Deckhand. Below you can read about the qualification requirements for different positions.


  • At least the Skipper's certificate for domestic traffic and the Engine attendant certificate. In larger commuter ferries, a Deck officer certificate and 12 months of seagoing service as an Offier or Master.
  • Valid seaman's medical certificate.
  • GOC or ROC

       The position includes the transportation of a commuter vessel, safety
and maintenance-related tasks.

Chief engineer

  • On large commuter ferries, at least a Watchkeeping engineer's certificate and at least 12 months of service as a Second engineer officer. If a Chief engineer is required for smaller commuter ferries, the certificate requirement shall be at least an Engine attendant certificate
  • Valid seaman's medical certificate.

       The position includes the loading, safety and assembly of the vessel
maintenance-related tasks.


  • At a minimum, orientation on board and a first-aid extinguishing course or qualification as a Deckhand in domestic traffic.
  • Valid seaman's medical certificate.

      The position includes, among other things, mooring, unmooring, loading, tidying and
maintenance-related work and high-quality customer service. The Deckhand also participates
assisting the Chief engineer in servicing and maintaining the vessel's technical systems.

We expect you to make a strong commitment to safety issues. We value responsibility, flexibility, initiative, service-mindedness and good cooperation skills.

The pay on board the coommuter ferry is in accordance with the collective agreement, and the pay is competitive.The position allow you to work close to home and have regular working hours, which are essentially based on 1:1 rotation.

Additional information of the job

If you are interested in working on our commuter ferries, please contact Traffic Manager Jussi Mäkitalo, jussi.makitalo(at)

Our commuter ferry routes

Our commuter ferry routes are located in the Turku archipelago and the Kotka archipelago.

  • Hiittinen route- ms Stella
  • Houtskari route - ms Finnö
  • Iniö additional route- ms Kivimo
  • Kotka-Pyhtää route - ms Otava
  • Nauvo Southern route - ms Falkö
  • Nauvo Northern route - ms Innamo
  • Parainen route - ms Viken
  • Rymättylä route - ms Isla
  • Utö route - ms Utö
  • Velkua route - ms Kaita

Finferries in brief

We offer socially significant tasks in a customer-oriented shipping company.

We are a reliable, secure and fair employer that also enables long careers. We offer good employee benefits, an encouraging and communal work community, a pleasant working environment and comprehensive occupational health care. Our working languages are Finnish and Swedish.

We are also a forerunner in the electrification of vessels in Finland and do significant work with developing technology. In recent years, we have improved the archipelago's old commuter ferry fleet.

The new commuter ferries and the conversion of old commuter ferries support the company's environmental work by reducing emissions. In several existing commuter ferries main engines and urea-fired catalytic converters, which together meet Tier III emission requirementshave been replaced. We make sure that our vessels are in good condition and that we can transport our passengers safely to their destination. What water separates, Finferries combines – responsibly and with care for the environment.

Welcome to work with us!