Finferries to commission an all-new commuter and oil recovery vessel

Published on 25.01.2013

Finferries is having a new type of ferry built which makes it possible to use the same ferry for access to the archipelago and for oil recovery operations. The new concept was designed by our subsidiary Suomen Saaristovarustamo; it was approved as a utility model and the company applied for a patent for it in 2010. The total investment for the vessel was approximately EUR 7.5 million. Uki Workboat in Uusikaupunki will be building the vessel.

Finferries will receive the vessel in the summer of 2014 after which it will begin operating on the Kotka-Pyhtää route. This newcomer is the first completely new investment in Finland’s commuter ferry operations since 1994. Winning the bid for the Kotka-Pyhtää route made the commission possible. The agreement was signed by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

CEO Mats Rosin of Finferries says, “This new type of vessel will lead the direction of development in commuter ferry operations. The modern, multifunctional vessel does not only serve passengers, but it also plays a special role in the protection of delicate waterways.”

Equipped with the latest technology, the length of the vessel is 34.9 m, the width is 9 m and it holds a maximum of 100 passengers. The vessel has a capacity to collect a total of 100 mᶟ of oil-polluted sea water at a time. The draft of the vessel is 2.4 m when operating as a commuter ferry and 2.65 m when operating as an oil recovery vessel.

An invitation for tenders was sent to more than ten shipyards. Uki Workboat was a carefully considered choice.

Rosin adds, “The professionals at Uki Workboat have a lot of experience in building similarly sized vessels and custom vessels. We are also very pleased that our partner is a Finnish shipyard, as in our previous new constructions. It is our experience that the quality of Finnish work is some of the best in the world.”

CEO of Uki Workboat, Harri Putro says, “The new vessel type is being built from start to finish at our Uusikaupunki shipyard. The construction of the vessel will bring a total of 50 man years of work to the shipyard, and therefore we are extremely satisfied with the confirmation of the commission. We will do our best to fulfill the requirements and expectations set for the vessel.”